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This is a short but fun blog which I put together after researching products on the internet. In this business, we have to have some fun once in a while! I mean, how much fun can one really have with gutters?

Did you know that rain gutters were first invented in the early 1900’s, before band-aids or the hula hoop or even penicillin!

Did you know that prior to the 19th century, most gutters were made of wood? Today, we can find them produced in steel, aluminum and plastic. 75% of all gutters installed in North America today are seamless.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used gargoyles on their buildings to direct rain away from the important parts of the building, in essence acting as a rain gutter. Brilliant huh? Some people believe that the gargoyles were also used to ward off evil spirits.

The standing water in your eavestrough, if not installed properly, is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Speaking of mosquitos, did you know that only female mosquitos bite?

Lots of words rhyme with gutter, but none rhyme with eavestrough (you are trying to come up with something right now, arent you?)

Cleaning gutters can kill you! According to statistics, 4000 people are hospitalized each year in Canada due to falls or slips from ladders. A few hundred of these people die.

Hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of children’s toys are found in gutters each year! Mostly balls, but also badminton birdies, frisbies, barbies and toy cars! We wont talk about the creepy crawlies that we find up there. Ewww!

Maybe you have an interesting story about your experiences with gutters that you would like to share. Leave a comment after this blog so we can all laugh with you!