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Hassle-Free Eavestrough Repair in the Ottawa Region

Depending on your issue, total eavestrough replacement is not always necessary. Sometimes all you need is a simple eavestrough repair. Ottawa relies on Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs to repair or replace residential and commercial eavestrough systems to the best of our ability. Once we’ve inspected your home or business’ eavestroughs thoroughly, we’ll be able to recommend the best way to address your specific concerns. Our company is fully insured with the owner involved personally in every project to ensure you get the most value for your money.

man on ladder cleaning gutter

Common Eavestrough Repairs We See and Fix

There are many kinds of eavestrough repairs that may be necessary to ensure your system is operating efficiently. These are some of the issues we frequently fix for our Ottawa Region customers:

  • Change the slope in your eavestroughs’ length
  • Increase the size of your downspouts and the outlet hole in your eavestroughs
  • Remove tennis balls, toys, and pieces of roofing shingles from your eavestroughs
  • Install a properly-designed “Splash Guard,” so water is directed into your eavestroughs
  • Redirect your downspout extension pipes, so water moves away from your home or business
close up of man repairing gutters on house

A Minimum Repair Charge & Maximum Value

It should be noted that we do have a minimum charge of $600 to pay for our labour and travel time. Because we understand that this isn’t cheap, we try to add value to our repair visit in any way we deem appropriate. We may replace and/or fix crushed extension pipes or rusty screws we’ve noticed in your system’s downspouts. We’re also likely to check your roof for signs of potential problems. We’re here to help any way we can, even if that includes bringing in your groceries!

Correcting Other Contractors’ Eavestrough Mistakes

If other contractors have made a mistake in your eavestrough installation, Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs would be more than happy to correct their errors with our reliable eavestrough repairs in the Ottawa Region. Don’t let poor past workmanship prevent your eavestroughs from doing their job to protect your home or business’ exterior from downpours. Call our professionals for a repair quote!

When it Pours, We Reign