Sometimes, all you need is a simple repair!

We understand that total replacement is not always the best solution.

Once we have a chance to inspect your eavestroughs, we will be able to let you know the best way to address your concerns.

Some of the problems we frequently fix include:

  1. Change the slope in a length of trough.
  2. Increase the size of the downspout and the outlet hole in the trough.
  3. Remove tennis balls, toys and pieces of shingle from the trough.
  4. Install a properly designed “Splash Guard” so the water is directed into the trough.
  5. Redirect the down spout extension pipes so water moves away from the house.

Please note that we do have a minimum charge of $450 to pay for our labour and travel time … we understand this is a lot of money and we try to “add value” to our visit.

Some of the things we do when we show up for a quick repair:

  1. Inspect all the trough and remove debris that may cause future problems.
  2. Replace and/or fix crushed extension pipes.
  3. Replace rusty old screws in the down spouts.
  4. Check the roof for signs of problems.
  5. Add caulking to areas that could become a problem.


On occasion, we even help bring in the groceries!

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